Conditions of Competition
Jumper classes are judged in accordance with the rules and specifications of the VHSA
and USEF Rule Books.
Only current active members in good standing will be eligible to compete in any class.
Riders and horses must have valid VHSA membership numbers for points to count towards
VHSA Annual Awards

Registration and Entry Fees

We will be assigning each rider, owner, and horse a permanent membership number.Registration for membership will begin soon, you are strongly encouraged to complete allmembership papers as soon as possible. Registration must be done on line via our new member portal.

Annual Registration - $50 per rider required

Entry Policy and Procedures
CVSJA Entry Agreement
Every entry shall constitute an agreement and affirmation that all participants (which include
without limitation, the owner, lessee, trainer, manager, agent, coach, driver, rider, handler, the
horse, their principals, representatives, or employees): Shall

  1. Be subject to the constitution and rules of the association and competition.

  2. Agree that they participate voluntarily in the competition fully aware that horse sports and the competition involve inherent dangerous risk of serious injury or death, and by participation that they expressly assume any and all risk of injury or loss, and they agree to indemnify and hold the competition and the officials, directors, employees, and agents harmless from and against all claims including for any injury or loss suffered during or in connection with competition, whether or not such a claim injury or loss resulted, directly or indirectly, from negligent acts or omissions of said officials, directors, employees or agents of the competition. The State of Virginia Equine Activity Liability Act limits liability for injury to a person resulting from the “intrinsic dangers of equine activities” and bars claims or recovery for injury, loss, damage or death of a person resulting from the “intrinsic dangers of equine activities.”

Horses will be assigned an annual show tag number, to be used at all CVSJA Shows.

Closing Dates for Entries is 7pm Monday prior to each show.


  • Exhibitors must pre-enter in order to compete, ride times will be assigned for each trip entered, class entries may be modified the day of the show providing space is available.

  • Entries received after the closing will be accepted as space allows and will be charged a $10 late fee per class.

  • We are accepting entries online via our website and member portal.  All entries must  be secured with a credit card in order to be accepted. 


  • Horses will not be allowed to compete until current coggins copy is given to the show secretary.

  • All entry accounts will receive a show receipt via email prior to credit cards being charged.  All accounts with a payment failure will be charged an NSF fee of $50, if balance not paid prior to start of next show, rider will not be allowed to compete.  

  • Pre-Entry $25 per class      Late-Entry Fee $35 per class

  • Ticketed Warm Up same as class price

  • Extra unjudged trips at the end of divisions $25 each and may be done only after your judged trips, if time permits.

  • Stall $40 or $45 for overnight, no bedding provided. Payable to CVSJA show secretary by end of show.

  • Office Fee $10

  • Any returned payments for any reason will be charged a $50 penalty fee.



Any action(s) against a horse by an exhibitor or other person, which is (are) deemed excessive by a judge, member of the Executive Committee, or CVSJA member, in the competition ring or anywhere on the competition grounds may be punished by official warning, elimination or other sanctions which may be deemed appropriate. Such action(s) could include, but are not limited to excessive use of whip, spurs, poles, or other equipment. A violation of these rules is determined after consultation between members of the Executive Committee or other officials involved and a judge. Competitors found to be in violation of these rules may be eliminated or disqualified from competing that day and may forfeit all entry fees for that competition.

  • Poling WILL NOT be permitted on the show grounds.

  • Offsets are not allowed.

  • The schooling area must contain at least one vertical and one spread fence with standards and cups.

  • Multiple Ride competitors will be given priority in “order of go” (as needed) to keep show running smoothly.

  • The Steward’s or member of the Executive Committee’s decision regarding schooling fences, tack and equipment allowed is pursuant to VHSA rules.

  • Lunging allowed in designated areas only.

  • Horses must enter and exit the show rings at a walk.

  • Juniors and Adults may ride ponies.

  • Motorized Vehicles of any kind may only be driven by licensed drivers anywhere on the show grounds.

  • No horse may be ponied behind a motorized vehicle

  • Electrical Installation and connections must meet all state and county code.

  • No Sharps allowed in manure pits. Sharps must be placed in proper containers.

  • Resolutions of ties are the decision of show management

  • No loose dogs/pets are allowed anywhere on the show grounds.

  • All must be on a hand-held leash or tied leash.

  • Management reserves the right to enforce a $50 fine for non-compliance.



Shows are informal, (excluding Mini-Prix which is full show dress) tall boots, breeches, half chaps, paddock boots, knee straps, polo shirts or rat catchers are acceptable. All shirts must be tucked in to breeches, all riders should wear a belt.

  • No Full Chaps

  • No collarless shirts

  • ASTM Approved Helmet must be worn by all riders while mounted on the show grounds.

  • Rider may not enter the ring with cell phones or any other communication devices.

  • Protective vests may be worn during competitions and should comply with Federation recommendations regarding current ASTM standard F1937 or Certified by the Safety Equipment Institute.