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2021 Annoucements

Hi Everyone,

Show season is here and we have some exciting announcements. We have a

dded two $1,000 prize money Stakes Classes to our schedule. May 16th we will replace the Modified division with the Friends of CVSJA Stakes, a Grand Prix style class. Where horses with a clean round come back at the end to ride the jump off. September 12th we will hold our annual Jeanne Dunford Memorial Gamblers Choice. This will be 1 class with jump heights starting at 2’ and go up to 4’. Many jumps will have a hi/low option, so horses and riders at all levels will have a fair opportunity to compete. Both stakes classes will be awarded double points, the entry’s will declare in advance which division they would like their points credit

ed. Ticketed warmups are not available just prior to or during these two classes.

Our first regular season show is Sunday, March 28th. Membership registration for riders and horses is open on our website. Show entry registration should be open by March 10th you must complete your annual registration prior to entering the show. We will continue to assign ride times for each round, so the closing date for entries is the Monday at 9pm prior to the show. Entries received after the closing date will be charged $35 per class and will only

be accepted if room in the schedule permits.

We have adjusted the order of the classes slightly, see chart for the new show day schedule. Ticketed warm up times will still be available for each division. We are offering 5 cross rail classes this year, the first one will be on April 11, see schedule below for additional dates. Lastly, we have decided to do away with scratch fees, we appreciate everyone doing their best to attend our shows when they signed up last year and believe this will continue, thank you everyone.

Good Luck Everyone in 2021!

CVSJA Board of Directors

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