New COVID19 Show Rules and Format Changes

These rules may be updated, as necessary.  Please check this list prior to all shows for new changes. 

  1.  All entries must be submitted and paid for online or provide CC number by the Tuesday prior to the show.  CC transaction fees have been removed.   There will not be any post entries or class changes allowed at this time.  All Mandatory Fields must be completed for entry to be accepted.

  2. There will be a $50 scratch fee for any entry that needs to cancel.

  3. Riders are limited to bringing 2 parents/guardians and 1 trainer only to the show grounds.

  4. A posted order of go will be established for each class.  Trainer names must be submitted with your entry if you are coached by a trainer.  This will allow us to appropriately establish ride times with minimal trainer conflicts.  Order of go lists will be emailed and will be posted online the day before the show.

  5. There is a new waiver that needs to be signed by all participants. Including Trainers that are not riding. This will be part of the online registration forms.

  6. Exhibitors should arrive no earlier than 1 hour prior to ride time and should leave the premises 30 minutes after their classes are completed.

  7. Social Distancing must be a priority at all times.  Non-related groups standing or sitting need to keep at least 6 feet apart.  Markers to help facilitate this have been established on the show grounds.

  8. There is plenty of space on the show grounds, when parking please keep a minimum of 12 between all vehicles.

  9. Masks are required while using the rest rooms and are suggested but not required while outdoors .  Riders while mounted do not need to wear one.

  10. Plexiglass has been installed at the show grounds,  please keep these partitions between yourselves and our show staff.

  11. Stalls will be assigned by show management.  We will notify you of your stall placement prior to the show.  All the barns and stalls have new numbers posted on them.  We will post the map of the show barns on the website.

  12. Rider packets with show tags and information will be available for pick up at the secretary stand.

  13. Jump Courses will be posted online prior to the show.  Copies will be available at show, with several posted near the ring.  Please spread out when reviewing. 

  14. Course Walks will be done in small groups, based on established orders of go and trainer groups.

  15. We will be carefully managing the flow of riders in the schooling areas as well as the show rings.  We are requesting everyone give us their cell phone number and cellular carrier, so we can text you updates on the shows progress and your time to come up to the rings.

  16. Schooling rings will be open 30 minutes prior to the show.  Only horses in the first 3 rotations are allowed in the schooling area.  Total 9 horses at a time.  There are plenty of open grass areas if you need to lunge or ride your horse before your time in the schooling area is open.

  17. There will be hand sanitizer posted by the show and schooling rings.  Anyone handling jumps must use this prior to handling the jumps.

  18. As exhibitor rotations are completed we will be announcing the next group to come to schooling areas and show rings.

  19. Ticketed warm-ups will be held throughout each division.  Ticketed warmups must be pre-registered.  Each ring will invite the first 2 Rotations of 3 horses for their trips.  This group (6 horses max) may do a 5-minute warm-up session.  After the ticket warm up, these rotations will complete their trips and then they should return their trailer or stalls.

  20. We ask trainers to stay on track with schooling and getting your students to the rings.  Please make the gate keepers aware of any problems or conflicts.  It is essential to keep the day moving as there are extra warm-up sessions throughout the day.

  21. Class results will be announced, and ribbons may be picked up at the ribbon tent.  The Junior Committee will be handing out ribbons to the posted winners.

  22. All Championship money will be paid back through electronic transfer or mailed check.  We are working on that technology and will let you know those options soon.  

  23. Bathrooms will be stocked with hand sanitizers and Lysol spray.  It is up to each user to clean surfaces prior to use.

  24. Pony Club will be offering breakfast and coffee.  And a local Food Truck will be on site to provide lunch.  These will be in locations that allow social distancing between customers.

  25. For the time being we will not have sponsor tents or encourage areas of gathering.


Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you at the shows.

Kimberly Anderson and Sulu Rose Reed


Central Virginia Show Jumping Association

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