some official business and forms...

You will need to fill out each of the following forms. You can print these off and complete them ahead of time or complete them the day of the show (except for pre-registration which must be done before the show). Some exhibitors will also fax and/ or e-mail them to us, but remember if you are a junior rider, you will need to have a parent/guardian sign off on your forms. Each show season, there is a $30 one time office fee per rider.


2017 Show Season Forms:

2017 Prize List *

*This is a large file so make sure you give it plenty of time to load

There were some typos in the prize list so please take note:
2 corrections to 2017 prize list:
Prize list description of classes in the main body of the prize list (right above an ad for John P. Black Inc.) is missing one of the pre-schooling classes: It should read:
13. PreSchooling 2'9" Table II, Sec 2(b)
14. PreSchooling 2'9" Table IV Section 1 Optimum Time...
Also the May show date is incorrect in the prize list:
May 14 show is listed as May 15, which is a MondayMay 14 is the correct date. 




Click on each link below for the forms--Name of form is link to word version.

*Exhibitor Application

**Horse Registration

*Deep Run Equine Activity Liability Waiver

*CVSJA Activity Release

Pre-registration Form

Please be careful to register for the class and division category you actually want to show in or you run the risk of

missing your class! There have been changes!!!!

*form only needs to be filled out once per show season, except for the pre-registration form.

**form needs to be filled the first time in a show season a horse is shown

Please remember, we must have an up-to-date negative Coggins test to bring your horse on the show grounds!!

If you do not, we will not be able to allow you to show--no exceptions!!